RENOVATION provides below the following complex of engineering services in the field of management of such aspects of construction as quality, labor protection, environment and safety from design to delivery, including auditing of already existing facilities.

Construction projects can include buildings and structures of all kinds, as well as civilian infrastructure.

RENOVATION's specialists monitor the compliance of construction and installation works with: approved design solutions, requirements of current regulatory and technical documents and standards, production technology.

RENOVATION provides the following engineering services:

  • Acting as general designer / project management
  • Project Audit
  • Completeness
  • Compliance with current regulations
  • Energy audit of facilities and resource conservation
  • Preparation of budgets and construction estimates
  • Construction supervision
  • Technical supervision (including the formation of a technical supervision service for the Customer)
  • Implementation / adaptation of design solutions (linking projects of foreign firms to regulatory documents in force in the country where the facility is located)
  • Inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures, including providing expert opinions
  • Commissioning of completed construction facilities